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About Us

GUINENG Silicone Power Batteries
--Products Of A New Age
  Over the century,people in the world have been benefiting greatly from power batteries,only at an enormous rice.Sulfuric acid emitted from lead-acid batteries is a destructive pollutant to the environment during its production, use and disposal,thus becoming one of the public hazards to the global environment. People have been dreaming of green, environment-friendly,high-capacity and easy-to-use batteries that can make the air cleaner and the sky clearer.
  Today,that dream has come true, in china.
The birth of silicone power batteries means that an epochal power storage technology revolution has just begun on a global scale.
  Completely breaking away from the technological limit of lead-acid batteries,GUINENG silicone power batteries embrace a breakthrough,where silicate salt is used as electrolyte. GUINENG batteries have enormous and durable power and are pollution free. GUINENG has a universally recognized edge over commonly used lead-acid batteries nowadays in the world, due to its high copacity, high current output, rapid recharge time, low temperature performance, long life span, and environment-friendliness.
  The world cheers for the arrival of GUINENGsilicone power batteries.        Guangdong Jiangmen Yuyang Special Batteries CO.,LTd is a high-tech enterprise specialzing in the development,manufacture and marketing of silicone power batteries.With its development and manufacture base in Jiangmen, Guangdong, the company has a giant sales network all over the country.
  Our core technology,ivented by Mr. Feng Yuesheng and patent-verified both at home and abroad, is a high and new technology with our own intellectual property.International intellectual property inspection shows that the successful development of the neutral silicone battery is a state-of-the-art technology the world has never seen before,until today.

  Our professional team of after sales service engineers provides you with the service of spot installation, free training,routine check,and immediate spot response
  Our philosophy is commitment to excellent and serving the people. We are ready to do good for people with our advanced technology and quality products.

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